We are firm bringing together professional fighting stuntmen, both for film and live scenes. We dedicate mainly to fencing and fighting scenes but at this time we are able to fulfill the whole range of stunt actions.

We have the experiences with falls from heights, burning, special acrobatic elements and jumps with parachute too.

We are also experienced in ZFX actions, thus special effects emphasizing the human’s movements in extreme situations through strings and suspension systems. This effects are also known as rigging. We have equipment and know-how for this difficult part of stunt work.

We work with children, so we educate the next generation of stuntmen.

We manage the training camps for stuntmen.

We have lot of experiences with „Motion Capture“ for digitization of movements for PC games and films.

Partners of STUNT FIGHTERS s.r.o. is also the professional team of stuntmen on the horses.


Company ID: 01767577




  • Herbert Heissler
  • Radim Leb


  1. Integration of individuals pursuing of fencing, others combat sports and techniques of handling with weapons (walking and driving fight) especially with regard to using in the films.
  2. Raising of the technical and practical level of our members.
  3. Theoretical help to the subjects, which are preparing the actors, stuntmen, doublers for films with fighting and dueling topic for raising of quality level and safety during the realization of film scenes.
  4. Create association of experts, which will guarantee the high quality of the services for film, televisual and theatre industry.


  1. Training of the stuntmen for the film and theatre.
  2. Training of the actors for fighting scenes.
  3. Recording of the fighting and fencing scenes.
  4. Recording of the stunt scenes (falls, burnings, ZFX).
  5. Organization and participation at the live performance devoted to fencing and fight.
  6. Leading of children club of fencing and basics of stunt work.
  7. Organization and realization presentation of the stunt work for the schools.
  8. publishing activity:


  • Recording of the DVD with education of scenic fencing by sword.
  • Publishing of the electronic publication about fencing font and template for using of that.
  • Recording of the DVD about fencing with historical cord.
  • Share at the printed publications „Fencing by sword and fencing by cord“.
  • Translation and duplication of the old books about fencing.
  1. Yearly organization of the tournaments in historical (contact) fencing (sometimes twice to year), and that since 2008.
  2. Share at the organization of the historical event., especially KLAMOKLÁNÍ in Prague (since 2008), St. Wenceslas celebrations (since 2008) and Šermíření in Tuhaň village (since 2013).
  3. Own school of fencing
  4. Organization of the seminars about fencing.

Participation at the tournaments about contact fencing.