Our stuntmen regularly rehearse a variety of action for using ZFX, thus for special effects on the ropes, in other words – rigging. These effects can by used in different fight scenes during the fencing of the fights without weapons, in war films, fairytales and fantasy films as well. Also in the course of explosion, falls, flights by air general, hanging, slowdown of movement, refining of movement…So everywhere, where is needed to underline the humans movement, which otherwise could not be performed.

For ZFX, We own fully professional equipment as a tearing vests of different sizes ( include a woman size), specially adapted seats and harnesses, special travels, sliders and pulleys, a 30 meters long cableway, which is high 6 meters and 4 meters, strings, specially adapted trampolines and other aids for profesional work.

We ensured  ZFX for these films, advertising and PC games:

  • Coarse Savior– currently in preparation, director: Jaroslav Šetek
  • Three- part TV film The Vote of Roman Emperor – currently in preparation
  • Take On Mars – PC games
  • The Crown Prince – director: Karel Janáček ČT, 2015
  • advertising to „For mobile Lumia I will do astavakrasana! Go for it too!“, 2014
  • The Knights – four- part documentary serial about knights, 2013
  • Lost Legion – director: David Kočár, 2013
  • Joan of Arc – director: Christian Twente, 2013